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UK testing of Cipla Tenvir EM as part of the Dean St Therapeutic Drug Monitoring program (TDM)

Buying PrEP Online - Safe use and NHS Monitoring
"TDM has not shown any problems with PrEP bought online and over 50 samples have been tested."

Davies Buyers Club FAQ
Includes information on legitimate medication for PrEP and TDM testing

Customer feedback regarding Tenvir EM orders for PrEP

It was reassuring it was the same batch as other known good ones that had been "TDM" tested by Dean Street Clinic.

Thank you. The package has just turned up this morning in the post and as this is the same batch I've previously had from AllDayChemist which is known genuine then I'm very happy. Great stuff

Thanks for providing this service. I'm a first time customer, so far you are looking better than Allday chemist. Keep up the good work :)